Table 2.

The prognostic impact of stromal CD8+ density in the total material stratified by histology and pathologic stage (DSS, univariate analyses, log-rank test); the maximum score for each patient was used

Total (n = 797, 1990–2011)
Number (%)5-year DSS (%)Median (Months)P
Stromal CD8+ density, total material<0.001
 Low CD8+209 (27)4957.6
 Intermediate CD8+403 (51)63127.4
 High CD8+171 (22)74191.1
 Squamous cell carcinoma0.006
  Low CD8+99 (28)5164.1
  Intermediate CD8+172 (49)71NR
  High CD8+78 (23)77NR
  Low CD8+96 (26)4857.1
  Intermediate CD8+205 (54)5775.4
  High CD8+74 (20)68189.6
 Large cell carcinoma0.025
  Low CD8+14 (24)3254.0
  Intermediate CD8+26 (44)6198.1
  High CD8+19 (32)83NR
Pathologic stage
 Stage I0.028
  Low CD8+99 (25)65175.2
  Intermediate CD8+211 (53)74174.9
  High CD8+88 (22)85191.1
 Stage II0.023
  Low CD8+80 (30)4041.5
  Intermediate CD8+128 (47)5898.1
  High CD8+63 (23)61142.1
 Stage IIIA0.012
  Low CD8+30 (26)1822.4
  Intermediate CD8+64 (56)4043.1
  High CD8+20 (18)68NR

NOTE: Bold numbers are significant results.

Abbreviation: NR, not reached.