Table 1.

Number and annual rates of recurrence and distant recurrence for all patients and separately for patients with HER2+ or HER2 disease according to time period of follow-up

All recurrencesAllHER2+HER2
Numbers of patients1,1251161,009P (HER2+ vs. HER2)
 0–10No. of recurrences21534181
Recurrence/y (%)2.10%3.12%1.98%0.002
 0–5No. of recurrences1002377
Recurrence/y (%)1.82%4.10%1.56%<0.001
 5–10No. of recurrences11511104
Recurrence/y (%)2.60%2.68%2.60%0.9
Distant recurrences (DR) All HER2+ HER2
Numbers of patients 1,125 116 1,009 P (HER2+ vs. HER2)
 0–10No. of DR16433131
DR/y (%)1.60%3.06%1.43%<0.001
 0–5No. of DR802159
DR/y (%)1.46%3.74%1.20%<0.001
 5–10No. of DR841272
DR/y (%)1.88%2.92%1.78%0.2