Table 1.

Safety and tolerability

PatientT-cell dosesMaximum tolerated T-cell doseCumulative T-cell doseAdverse eventaSurvival post relapse (months)
Intracavitary deliveryUPN028111089.6 × 108Headaches10.3
UPN0311210810.6 × 108Neurologic – Otherb8.6
UPN0331210810.6 × 108None13.9
Intratumoral deliveryUPN033c51083.75 × 108Low WBC13.9d
  • aOnly events of Grade 3 or higher, according to the NCI Common Toxicity Criteria, with possible or higher attribution to the T cell administration are reported.

  • bShuffling gait and tongue deviation to the left.

  • cT cells administered at secondary site of recurrence.

  • dSurvival after second biopsy/relapse detected on day 64 as related to timeline in Figure S3D was 11.8 months.