Table 2.

Summary of baseline CRP and IL6 by tumor response

Durable tumor and symptomatic responseBest tumor response
ParameteranMean (SD)MedianPnMean (SD)MedianP
CRP, mg/L
 Responders1858.06 (49.32)34.502065.01 (51.60)38.00
 Nonresponders3535.53 (54.82)6.323329.95 (51.14)5.09
CRP, log10-transformed
 Responders181.43 (0.76)1.540.0522201.50 (0.74)1.580.0118
 Nonresponders350.97 (0.79)0.80330.90 (0.76)0.71
IL6, pg/mL
 Responders1712.60 (13.10)7.981812.44 (12.73)8.03
 Nonresponders327.64 (8.89)5.09317.57 (9.02)4.87
IL6, log10-transformed
 Responders170.90 (0.48)0.900.0999180.90 (0.46)0.900.0780
 Nonresponders320.65 (0.49)0.71310.64 (0.50)0.69

NOTE: Data shown are for patients in the ITT population who were treated with siltuximab during the blinded treatment period. Both durable tumor and symptomatic responses and best tumor responses were independently reviewed.

Abbreviation: ITT, intent-to-treat.

  • aParameters measured at baseline.