Table 4.

Trials of CRT + targeted therapies for pancreatic cancer

Characteristics of CRT trials in combination with targeted therapy
Ref.Study treatmentPatients, nMedian TTP (mo)Median survival (mo)
This study, 2015RT(50.4 Gy)+GEM+PAN-GEM138.9 MTD cohort: 11.812.3 MTD cohort: 17.0
Kim, 2012 (abstr) (32)PAN+5FU/CAP+RT (50.4 Gy)-GEM+PAN-PAN517.412.1
Rembielak et al. (33)CET+RT (50.4 Gy)215.17.5
Crane et al. (34)CET+GEM+OX- CAP+CET+RT (50.4 Gy)6912.519.2
Crane et al. (35)CAP+RT (50.4 Gy)+BEV-GEM+BEV.828.911.9
Chiorean et al. (36)SOR + GEM + RT (50 Gy)-GEM2510.611.4
Morak et al. (28)UFT + L + C + RT (50 Gy)836.910.6
Czito et al. (37)E + BEV + RT (50.4 Gy)9aa

Abbreviations: BEV, bevacizumab; C, celecoxib; CAP, capecitabine; CET, cetuximab; GEM, gemcitabine; E, Erlotinib; L, leucovorin; OX, oxaliplatin; PAN, panitumumab; SOR, sorafenib; UFT, Uracil/Tegafur.

  • aMed TTP and OS not mentioned in abstract, study is not published.