Table 3.

Correlation between ALK status and main clinical factors in neuroblastoma (A) and multivariate analysis (B; N = 276)

ALK status
Alteration of ALKχ2 Test
Age at the diagnosisALK WTAll ALK alterationsClonalSubclonalF1174 mutR1275 mutAmplificationP value
 <18 months141179797a2aNS
 ≥18 months1071138650
INSS stage
 Loc or 4s1381082460
MYCN status
 MYCN amp3916213105a2aP < 0.0001
 MYCN non-ampl20912102570
Multivariate analysis
VariablesHR (95% CI)P
INSS stage (unfavorable vs. favorable)7.62 (3.82–15.16)<0.0001
MYCN (amplified vs. nonamplified)3.85 (2.38–6.21)<0.0001
age at diagnosis (>18 mo vs. <18 mo)NSNS
ALK (mutated vs. nonmutated)NSNS
  • aBoth ALK amplification and R1275 mutation detected in one tumor.

    Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; clonal, allele frequency >20%; INSS, International Neuroblastoma Staging System; MD, missing data; NS, not significant; subclonal, allele frequency <20%.