Table 2.

Current clinical trials of panobinostat in multiple myeloma

PhaseNPatient populationTreatmentPrimary ID
I28Rel or R/RPAN + Len + BTZ + DexMTD, RP2DDana-Farber Cancer InstituteNCT01965353
I/II38Newly diagnosedPAN + Len + BTZ + DexMTDMD Anderson Cancer CenterNCT01440582
II27Rel or R/RPAN + Len + DexORRMount Sinai School of MedicineNCT01651039
I/II54Rel or R/RPAN + Thal + BTZ + Dex + PAN maintenanceDLT, ORRUniversity of LeedsNCT02145715
I48Rel and/or refPAN + CFZMTDEmory UniversityNCT01549431
I66R/RPAN + CFZMTDMD Anderson Cancer CenterNCT01301807
I/II80R/RPAN + CFZMTD, ORRSarah Cannon Research Institute Developmental InnovationsNCT01496118
I6Rel or refPAN + ixazomib + DexDLTCase Comprehensive Cancer CenterNCT02057640
I/II148Recurrent multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, or Hodgkin lymphomaPAN + everolimusMTD, ORRMayo ClinicNCT00918333

Abbreviations: BTZ, bortezomib; CFZ, carfilzomib; Dex, dexamethasone; DLT, dose-limiting toxicity; ID, identification; Len, lenalidomide; PAN, panobinostat; Ref, refractory; Rel, relapsed; RP2D, recommended phase II dose; R/R, relapsed and refractory; Thal, thalidomide.