Table 1.

Multivariate analysis of OS in SPARC-evaluable population

CovariateaHR (95% CI)P
Treatment group (nab-P + Gem vs. Gem)0.65 (0.47–0.89)0.007
KPS (70–80 vs. 90–100)1.50 (1.09–2.06)0.012
Presence of liver metastases (yes vs. no)2.12 (1.31–3.41)0.002
  • aA stepwise procedure was carried out using the following factors: treatment group, age, sex, KPS, geographic region, pancreatic cancer primary location, presence of biliary stent, previous Whipple procedure, presence of liver metastasis, presence of pulmonary metastasis, peritoneal carcinomatosis, stage at diagnosis, number of metastatic sites, baseline level of CA 19-9, and stromal SPARC level.