Table 4.

Univariate and multivariate logistic analysis of significant predictive factors for pCR

PatientsUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
Overall (n)pCR (%)ORPOR(95% CI)P
 ≥6.9183 (17)1
 <6.92616 (61)5.60.013
 >−50%245 (21%)11
 ≤−50%2014 (70%)8.80.0027.09(1.48–33.3)0.014
Number of mitosis
 Score I and II123 (25)1
 Score III3318 (54)3.60.089
Ki-67 expression
 ≤50%112 (18%)1
 >50%3216 (50%)4.50.079
 Positive204 (20)11
 Negative2613 (50)4.00.0426.45(1.05–40.0)0.043

NOTE: Age (cutoff, 50 years), menopausal status, pregnancy history, UICC staging (2 vs. 3), SBR grade, architectural differentiation, nuclear pleomorphism, AR status, CA15.3 (cutoff, 30 kU/L), CA-125 (cutoff, 35 kU/L), ACE (cutoff, 0.8 μg/L), SUV1max, tumor size, tumor inflammation, CK, tumor phenotype (basal and non-basal) were not significant predictive factors of pCR. Among the significant imaging parameters in univariate analysis, only the most predictive one was used for multivariate analysis. Bold numerals correspond to statistically significant P values (<0.05).