Table 3.

Multivariable Cox proportional hazards model of overall survival (n = 95a)

Adjustment variablesComparisonHRb95% CI LL95% CI ULPc
GSK3β≤Q3 vs. >Q30.540.310.960.034
Surgical margin statusNegative vs. positive0.870.521.480.62
Negative vs. unknown0.480.270.870.016
CA19-9Continuous (unit increase = 30)
  • aThis multivariable model excludes 68 patients with no pretreatment CA19-9 value. The Lewis antigen-negative patients were analyzed as CA19-9 = 0.

  • bHR of 1 indicates no difference between the two subgroups. The variables were coded such that a HR< 1 indicates a decreased risk of death for the second level of the variables listed.

  • cP value from the Wald χ2 test using the Cox proportional hazards model.