Table 2.

Comparison of the efficacy of monotherapy and combination therapy in five colorectal cancer PDX models

TrametinibPalbociclibTrametinib + palbociclib
ModelMutational statusT/C, %T−C, dPR, %CR, %T/C, %T−C, dPR, %CR, %T/C, %T−C, dPR, %CR, %
CRM 13-80KRAS (G12V)281320039150020>90800
CRC 13-1333KRAS (G12D)645006880030192525
PIK3CA (Q546L)
CRC 14-136KRAS (Q61H)4320061000255660
CRM 12-1159PIK3CA (H1047R)723004516002816400
CRC 13-983BRAF (V600E)381900272500242300

NOTE: T/C represents the relative size of the median tumor burden of the treated versus vehicle control groups on the last day of treatment. Tumor growth delay (T − C) represents the difference in days for the treated (T) and vehicle control (C) tumor burden to reach a median size of 750 mg.