Table 3.

Overall pathway tests for secondary outcomes (P values) - likelihood ratio tests comparing null and alternative models in proportional odds model (for categorical outcomes) or logistic regression (for dichotomous outcomes)

Secondary outcomesNAdrenergic (11 genes)Glucocorticoid (12 genes)Dopaminergic (6 genes)Serotoninergic (17 genes)Muscarinic (5 genes)
Ki-67 (quartiles)3140.0061<0.00010.0960.490.46
Apoptosis (quartiles)2550.240.290.510.500.38
Microvessel density (quartiles)1740.
Vessel area (quartiles)1740.0310.00010.0510.580.16
Diameter of blood vessels (quartiles)1740.0250.00010.100.790.15
Perineural invasion (yes/no)1320.0250.00020.0320.00970.029
Gleason (4 categories)a404<0.0001<0.00010.0780.540.0032
Tumor stage (3 categories)b4040.0700.00340.520.660.14
PSA at diagnosis (3 categories)c3410.250.060.370.420.0024

NOTE: Null models include age and indicator of cohort membership (PHS vs. HPFS).

  • aGleason scores were categorized as 5–6, 3+4, 4+3, and 8–10.

  • bTumor stages were categorized as T1/T2, N0/Nx; T3, N0/Nx; and T4, N1, M1.

  • cPSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels at diagnosis were categorized as 0–3.9 ng/mL, 4–9.9 ng/mL, and 10+ ng/mL.