Table 1.

Baseline patient characteristics (N = 1,156)

CharacteristicNumber, median%, range
Primary tumor site
 Head and neck807%
 Melanoma and skin746%
 Brain and unknown212%
Age (y)5718–84
ECOG performance status
3 missing
Number of prior systemic therapies
Study drug dose level
 ≤25% of MAD22319%
 26%–50% of MAD31127%
 51%–75% of MAD34330%
 >75% of MAD27924%
Drug class
 Antiangiogenic agent867%
 DNA intercalator444%
 ERBB/KRAS inhibitor464%
 Epigenetic modifier999%
 Hsp90 inhibitor11710%
 Microtubule inhibitor27524%
 PARP inhibitor656%
 PI3K/mTOR inhibitor111%
 Ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor202%
 Topoisomerase inhibitor12711%