Table 2.

Cancers with an MSI-H frequency between 2% and 10%

Tumor typeFrequency, % (n)Study
Ovarian10% (1234)Murphy and Wentzensen (82)
Cervical8% (344)aLazo (83)
Esophageal adenocarcinoma7% (76)Farris et al. (84)
Soft-tissue sarcoma5% (40)Kawaguchi et al. (85)
Head and neck SCC3% (153)bGlavac et al. (86)
Renal cell carcinoma2% (152)Hammerschmied et al. (87)
Ewing sarcoma2% (55)Alldinger et al. (88)

Abbreviation: SCC, squamous cell carcinoma.

  • aThis number represents an aggregate of studies with different definitions of MSI-H, not all of which meet the Bethesda guidelines.

  • bMSI-H was defined as positivity in at least 2/8 markers.