Table 2.

Expression of CD25, CD122, and CD132 on various cell types in CML and comparison with cells obtained from healthy donorsa

Expression of
Types of cellCD25CD122CD132
 CD3+ T cells+/−+/−+
 CD19+ B cells+/−+/−
 CD14+ Monocytes+/−
 CD123+ Basophils++/−
 CD3+ T cells+/−+/−+/−
 CD19+ B cells+/−+/−
 CD14+ Monocytes
 CD123+ Basophils+++/−
  • Abbreviation: CML, chronic myeloid leukemia.

  • aExpression of CD25, CD122, and CD132 was examined on PB or BM cell subsets by multicolor flow cytometry using monoclonal antibodies shown in Supplementary Table S1. Cells were analyzed in freshly obtained PB or BM samples (CML, n = 5; healthy controls, n = 5). Expression of CD25, CD122, and CD132 was determined as median fluorescence intensity (MFI) and is expressed as staining-index (SI), according to the formula: SI = MFI (test mAb)/MFI (isotype-control mAb). Results were scored as follows:

    SI 0–1.3, −

    SI 1.3–3, +/−

    SI 3–10, +

    SI >10, ++.