Table 3.

Survival analyses including adjuvant antineoplastic therapy on patients with stage II and III colorectal cancer

Training setValidation set
HR (95% CI)PHR (95% CI)P
Number of patients161326
 Per 10 years1.43 (1.11–1.84)0.00571.59 (1.32–1.92)<0.0001
 Female vs. male0.64 (0.38–1.09)0.0990.69 (0.47–1.002)0.051
 Stage II vs. stage III0.45 (0.26–0.80)0.00580.82 (0.55–1.20)0.30
 Colon vs. rectal1.29 (0.72–2.31)0.400.70 (0.48–1.03)0.068
Type IV collagen and adjuvant antineoplastic therapy
 No adjuvant antineoplastic therapy2.84 (1.44–5.59) (n = 113)2.88 (1.98–4.21) (n = 265)
 Adjuvant antineoplastic therapy3.36 (1.06–10.61) (n = 48)0.063a0.90 (0.42–1.93) (n = 61)0.0068a

NOTE: Multivariate analyses for patients in stages II and III. The variables include age, gender, stage, localization, interaction between type IV collagen, and adjuvant antineoplastic therapy.

  • aRefers to the interaction between type IV collagen and adjuvant antineoplastic therapy.