Table 1.

Demographics of 10 patients who had a preoperative MRI with subsequent radical prostatectomy

CaseRaceAgePSAClinical stageLocation of positive biopsyaBiopsy gradeDays between biopsy and MRIPositive coresTumor volume (%)WM GradePathologic stage
1White619.8T1cL. Lateral Base3+45532 of 121.33+4bpT2cNX
L. Medial Base3+3
2White585.7T2aR. Mid3+43143 of 1293+3bpT2cN0
L. Lateral Base3+4
L. Apex3+4
3White684.7T1cL. Lateral Base3+4652 of 122.94+3pT2aN0
L. Lateral Mid3+4
4White736.2T1cL. Apex3+4973 of 1912.65+3pT2cN0
L. Lateral Mid3+3
R. Lateral Mid3+3
5White697.4T2cR. Lateral Apexc337 of 12184+5dpT3aN0
R. Lateral Midc5+40.84+5e
R. Lateral Basec3+50.283+3e
R. Medial Basec
L. Lateral Midf5+4
L. Lateral Base5+5
L. Medial Midf
6White5416.7T2cR. Lateral Base4+5269 of 1460–705+4pT3bN1
R. Medial Base5+5
R. Medial Mid5+5
L. Lateral Apex5+4
L. Lateral Mid5+4
L. Lateral Base5+4
L. Medial Base5+5
L. Medial Mid5+5
L. Transi. Zone5+5
7White6821.5T1cR. Medial Apexg4+3335 of 17264+4pT3aN0
8White661.05T2aR. Lateral Mid3+3611 of 125.33+4pT2cNX
9White639.4T1cNot specified3+31272 of 7<24+3ipT2cNX
10African American519.3T1cL. Lateral Mid3+4852 of 144.44+3jpT2cN0
L. Lateral Apex3+4<13+3k
  • Abbreviations: L., Left; Med., Medial; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; PSA, prostate serum antigen; R., Right; WM, whole mount.

  • aStandard 12-core biopsies.

  • bAdditional outlined tumors of concurrent grade marked by pathologist.

  • cIntraductal carcinoma.

  • dDominant tumor in R. apex to base.

  • eAdditional tumors in L. Base and L. Apex.

  • fHigh-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia.

  • gFive of six cores for the R. Medial Apex were contained adenocarcinoma.

  • hScattered microscopic foci.

  • iTwo additional microscopic foci present.

  • jDominant tumor in L. mid lateral with additional outlined tumors of concurrent grade in the R. mid prostate, R. apex, and L. base.

  • kMultiple microscopic foci.