Table 3.

Univariate and multivariate analyses of factors predictive of invasive cancer or high-grade dysplasia in pancreatic cysts among the combined discovery and validation setsa

Cancer, HGDOthersUnivariateMultivariate
Variable(n = 31)(n = 88)POR (95% CI)P
 ≥6523414.218 (1.104–19.889)0.035
 Male21341.702 (0.478–6.199)0.408
Fluid appearance
 Mucinous26341.668 (0.292–8.502)0.544
Cyst size
 <30 mm21570.829
 ≥30 mm1031
Cyst location
 Body and tail11540.0201.000
 Head20340.713 (0.148–2.937)0.647
MPD dilatation
 <5 mm13710.00011.000
 ≥5 mm18170.957 (0.204–3.858)0.952
MPD communication
 Present22242.776 (0.705–11.070)0.142
Mural nodule
 Present18252.131 (0.570–8.052)0.255
Telomerase activity
 <730 copies/μL (cyst fluid)882<0.00011.000
 ≥730 copies/μL (cyst fluid)23620.698 (4.195–140.94)<0.0001
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; HGD, high-grade dysplasia; MPD, main pancreatic duct.

  • aCases whose cyst fluid samples had not undergone prior thawing.