Table 1.

Expression and function of IL35 in cancer

Pancreatic cancerExpression of IL35 by Bregs promotes pancreatic tumorigenesis; increase in circulating levels of IL35 correlates with metastasis and late tumor stagePylayeva-Gupta et al., 2015 (8); Jin et al., 2014 (54)
MelanomaExpression of IL35 by tumor cells promotes tumorigenesis via recruitment of proangiogenic MDSCs; IL35 blockade decreases tumor burden via revitalization of effector T-cell responsesWang et al., 2013 (10); Collison et al., 2010 (15); Turnis et al., 2016 (50)
Prostate cancerIL35 production by CD8+ Tregs suppresses T-cell proliferationOlson et al., 2012 (31)
Colorectal carcinomaExpression of IL35 increases in tumor-infiltrating Tregs; IL35 blockade decreases tumor burden; levels of serum IL35 correlate with circulating TregsCollison et al., 2010 (15); Turnis et al., 2016 (50); Zeng et al., 2013 (53)
AMLCirculating IL35 is increased in patients with AML and correlates with clinical stagingWang et al., 2015 (52)
Large B-cell lymphoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, melanoma, lymphomaDetection of expression of IL35 in patient specimensWang et al., 2013 (10); Niedobitek et al., 2002 (51)
  • Abbreviations: AML, acute myeloid leukemia; MDSC, myeloid-derived suppressor cell.