Table 2.

Efficacy results in studies NP28761 and NP28673

NP28761 (N = 87)NP28673 (N = 138)
Efficacy parameterIRC assessmentaInvestigator assessmentIRC assessmentaInvestigator assessment
ORR (95% CI)38% (28–49)46% (35–57)44% (36–53)48% (39–57)
Number of responders33406166
Median DOR, months (95% CI)7.5 (4.9–NE)NE (4.9–NE)11.2 (9.6–NE)7.8 (7.4–9.2)
Median duration of follow-up, months4.84.810.97.0
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; NE, not estimable.

  • aEighteen patients in NP28761 and 16 patients in NP28673 did not have measurable disease at baseline as per IRC assessment and were classified as nonresponders in the IRC analysis.