Table 1.

Baseline patient and disease characteristics

CharacteristicnMedian (q1–q3) or %
Age at diagnosis, y3961 (59–65)
Gleason score at diagnosis
Prior radical prostatectomy2050%
Prior radiation therapy2153%
Prior chemotherapy718%
Prior ketoconazole1025%
 Median duration of ketoconazole102.5 mo (range, <1–25 mo)
Prior enzalutamide410%
 Median duration of enzalutamide45 mo (range, 2–18 mo)
At therapy initiation
Age, y4069 (65–74)
Sites of metastasis
 Bone metastases3280%
 Lymph nodes1128%
ECOG performance status
Laboratory data
 PSA, ng/mL4028.8 (9.5–74.0)
 Testosterone, ng/dL4010 (7–12.5)
 Alkaline phosphatase, U/L4089.5 (67.5–153.5)
 Calcium, mg/dL349.4 (9.1–9.7)
 Hemoglobin, g/dL4013.2 (12.5–14.0)
 Platelets, K/UL40230 (186.5–255)