Table 1.

Top enriched gene sets in MSigDB all canonical pathways and GO biological process in ASO-6w2 versus Scrb-treated LTL-313BR tumors

FunctionsASO-6w2 vs. Scrb - Top enriched gene setsUp/downFDR
GPCR signalingReactome signaling by GPCR8.06E−19
Reactome GPCR ligand binding3.63E−14
Reactome G alpha I signalling events4.96E−11
Matrisome (extracellular matrix)Naba matrisome↑↓1.33E−15
Naba matrisome associated↑↓3.08E−13
Receptor activity7.00E−11
Transmembrane transportEstablishment of localization3.08E−16
Reactome transmembrane transport of small molecules2.07E−12
Reactome SLC-mediated transmembrane transport1.34E−08
Response to external stimulusResponse to external stimulus4.10E−15
Response to wounding3.05E−13
Response to stress1.23E−10
  • NOTE: Analysis was based on gene expression profiling in ASO-6w2- and Scrb-treated LTL-313BR xenografts (n = 4 per group; fold change > 1.5).