Table 2.

Summary of association analysis in the COU-AA-301 and ELM-PC4a proportional hazards analysis

FactorCoefficientSE (coefficient)P value
 Baseline albumin−0.6780.171<0.001
 Baseline log (ALK)−0.0310.0760.681
 Baseline log (CTC)0.2530.043<0.001
 Baseline haemoglobin−0.0080.0410.842
 Baseline log (LDH)1.1610.135<0.001
 Baseline log (PSA)0.0500.0370.173
 Relative change in CTC0.0980.014<0.001
 Relative change in PSA0.2220.029<0.001
 Baseline albumin−0.0370.0210.084
 Baseline log (ALK)0.2000.1050.056
 Baseline log (CTC)0.3270.044<0.001
 Baseline hemoglobin−0.0130.0050.007
 Baseline log (LDH)0.0470.1750.787
 Baseline log (PSA)0.0670.0470.153
 Relative change in CTC0.0890.026<0.001
 Relative change in PSA0.2920.053<0.001
  • aA weighted proportional hazards model was used to account for the nonproportionality in the ELM-PC4 risk model.