Table 2.

Published WBMRI protocols for pediatric oncology

Authors and referenceImaging planeSequencesApproximate scan timea
Davis et al. (6)CoronalSTIR, HASTE, T1N/A
Eutsler and Khanna (7)CoronalSTIR40 minutes
AxialSTIR, HASTE, DWI (b values: 50, 400–500, 800–1,000 s/mm2)
Nievelstein and Littooij (8)CoronalSTIR, T1 TSE32 minutes
AxialDWI-STIR (b values: 0, 100, 800–1000 s/mm2), T2 SPAIR
Villani et al. (17)CoronalSTIR18 minutes
Anupindi et al. (18)CoronalSTIR, T1, HASTEAVG 72 minutes
AxialSTIR (head, neck, lower extremities), T2 FS (chest, abdomen ± pelvis), HASTE
Jasperson et al. (19)AxialHASTE<1 hour
  • Abbreviations: AVG, average; DWI-STIR, DWI with background body signal suppression (DWIBS), applying prepulse of STIR for fat suppression; FS, fat suppression; HASTE, ultrafast half-Fourier-acquired single-shot turbo spin echo; MRA, magnetic resonance angiography; MRA-TWIST, dynamic time-resolved MRA; N/A, not available; SPAIR, spectral attenuated inversion recovery; STIR, short tau inversion recovery; TSE; turbo spin echo.

  • aApproximate scan times vary with number of stations, determined by patient height, e.g., average of 5; authors 6–8, 16–18 (see references).