Table 3.

CD4 and CD8 immune outcomes in the peripheral blood and in the SLNs by disease stage

Disease stage
DCIS, n = 42IBC, n = 12
n (%)Exact 95% CIn (%)Exact 95% CIP
Overall CD4 PB
 Immune respondersa33 (80.5)65.1–91.210 (83.3)51.6–97.91.00
Overall CD8 PB
 Immune respondersb12 (66.7)41.0–86.74 (100)47.3c0.29
Overall CD4 SLN
 Immune respondersd25 (78.1)60.0–90.77 (87.5)47.3–99.70.67
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; PB, peripheral blood.

  • aOne patient (DCIS) not evaluable for overall CD4 peripheral immune response.

  • b22 total HLA-A2+ patients evaluated for CD8 peripheral immune response (18 DCIS, 4 IBC).

  • cLower bound of one-sided exact 95% CI.

  • d40 total patients evaluated for SLN CD4 immune response (32 DCIS, 8 IBC).