Table 1.

Patient characteristics of screening cohort of ALK-positive patients with advanced non-squamous NSCLC by dichotomous ALK expression levels

No. of patients1313
Median age (Range), years55 (21–73)61 (38–79)0.41
ECOG performance score
Smoking status
 Never smoker630.35
 Current smoker25
 Former smoker55
Time on crizotinib (95% CI), mo8.4 (3.1–13.7)1.5 (0.9–2.1)<0.001
  • NOTE: In 26 of 29 patients, dichotomous ALK-IHC could be performed. Available tissue blocks previously used for ALK-FISH do not contain any neoplastic cells and dichotomous ALK-IHC and could therefore not be performed in 3 patients.