Table 2.

Association of treatment and other variables with cisplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy

ModelVariableOR (95% CI)P
A. Variables at treatment
CisIPN ∼ VariableAge at diagnosis1.06 (1.05–1.07)2 × 109
CisIPN ∼ Variable (+Agediagnosis)BMI at treatment1.00 (0.97–1.03)0.96
Cisplatin dosea (mg/m2)1.00 (0.99–1.00)0.39
B. Variables at clinical evaluation
CisIPN ∼ VariableAge at evaluation1.04 (1.03–1.06)2 × 108
CisIPN ∼ Variable (+Agediagnosis)Smokingb1.54 (1.15–2.07)0.004
Excess drinkingc1.83 (1.18–2.84)0.007
Hypertensiond1.61 (1.04–2.50)0.03
BMI at evaluation1.03 (1.00–1.05)0.051
Diabetese1.27 (0.54–2.95)0.59
Hypercholesterolemiaf0.92 (0.57–1.48)0.72
C. Multivariate model
CisIPN ∼ Significant variablesAgediagnosis1.04 (1.02–1.06)3 × 106
Excess drinking1.82 (1.16–2.86)0.009
Smoking1.56 (1.15–2.10)0.004
Hypertension1.54 (0.97–2.42)0.065
  • NOTE: Bolded variables are significantly associated at α = 0.05.

  • aDose group was an ordinal variable created from cumulative cisplatin doses (in mg/m2) classified as follows: <300, 300–400 (excluding 400), 400–500 (excluding 500), and ≥500. OR is based on ordinal group.

  • bIncludes patients who answered yes to the question “have you ever smoked cigarettes?”

  • cIncludes patients who answered ≥ 2 drinks/day to the question “During the past year, how many drinks of alcoholic beverage have you consumed?”

  • dIncludes patients who answered yes to both of the following: (i) “Have you ever been diagnosed with high blood pressure?” and (ii) “Are you currently taking prescription medication for high blood pressure?”

  • eIncludes those patients who answered “yes” to either of the following questions: (i) “diabetes requiring insulin?” or (ii) “diabetes requiring tablets or pills?”

  • fIncludes those patients who are currently taking prescription medications for high cholesterol.