Table 2.

Clinicopathologic characteristics of patients with breast cancer included in this study

IDTumor typeBRCA statusDate primary diagnosisStage primary diseaseNeoadjuvant chemotherapyCycles platinum-based chemotherapy (n)Dates platinum-based chemotherapyDates PARP inhibitor therapyDate disease progression/distant relapsePrimary refractory/resistant/progressive diseaseDate(s) blood drawDisease location at blood drawTime follow-up (years)Follow-upcfDNA (ng) per ml plasmaFraction ctDNA in cfDNA (%)
L031IDCBRCA2April 2003Stage IIBNo8May–November 2014April–June 2015April 2013PD post platinumApril 2015, June 2015, August 2015LN, lung, bones12DOD8.6 (P1), 8.1 (P2), 7.8 (P3)9.8 (P1), 12.6 (P2)
1109IDCBRCA2September 2005NANo5August–November 2010March–October 2012June 2010PD >12 months post platinum (on maintenance endocrine)October 2012, May 2013Liver, bone8DOD28.1 (P1), 87.0 (P2)15.0 (P1), 35.2 (P2)
1159ILCBRCA2November 2010Stage IIBNo4June–August 2014March–April 2014February 2011PD on platinumMay 2014, October 2014Soft tissue, skin, LN, retroperitoneal5DOD5.0 (P1), 7.0 (P2)11.5 (P1), 12.8 (P2)
L046IDCBRCA1May 2013Stage IIBYes5June 2014June 2015PD on platinumJuly 2015Chest wall2AWD7.554.5
1211IDCBRCA2May 2012Stage IIIBYesJuly–September 2015May 2014PD on platinumJune 2015Liver, lung, bone4DOD7.65.2
  • Abbreviations: AWD, alive with disease; DOD, dead of disease; IDC, invasive ductal carcinoma of no special type; ILC, invasive lobular carcinoma; LN, lymph node; NA, primary disease staging information not available at the time of data freeze; P1, plasma sample 1; P2, plasma sample 2; P3, plasma sample 3; PD, progressive disease.