Table 3.

Association results for ACYP2 rs1872328 and WFS1 rs62283056

VariantGeneMAF (cases)MAF (controls)P valueaAdjusted OR (95% CI)a
Association with clinically determined CIO
 rs1872328ACYP20.080.022.83 × 10−314.73 (2.58–84.24)
 rs62283056WFS10.260.170.391.36 (0.67–2.77)
Association with geometric mean of hearing thresholds
 rs1872328ACYP20.030.020.971.05 (0.10–11.42)
 rs62283056WFS10.330.165.67 × 10−33.22 (1.35–7.67)
  • Abbreviations: CI: confidence interval; CIO: cisplatin-induced ototoxicity; MAF: minor allele frequency, OR: odds ratio.

  • aP values and ORs are based on association results that have been corrected for the following covariates: age at cisplatin treatment initiation, cumulative cisplatin dose, treatment type, and principal components 1–4.