Table 1.

Patient clinical course

Clinical timepointInitialRecurrenceAutopsy
Age7 y4 y9 y
LocationRight hemisphere and thalamusLeft frontalLeft parietal
Initial treatmentSubtotal resectionGross total resectionSubtotal resection
Sample obtainedRadiotherapyRadiotherapy
RecurrenceRecurrent/progressive left frontal GBM at 5 months from diagnosisRecurrent left parietal GBM at 8 months from diagnosis
1st relapse treatmentDebulking and Cyberknife
Peptide vaccine pilot studyProcarbazine, Lomustine, and Vincristine
ProgressionClinical tumor progression at 5 months from diagnosisFurther progression of tumor at 7 months from diagnosisFurther progression of tumor 14 months from diagnosis
Subsequent relapseComfort carePartial resectionComfort care
treatmentSample obtained
Phase I trial of vorinostat/bortezomib
AutopsySample obtained
P53 mutationNot detectedNot detectedNot detected
H3K27 mutationNot detectedNot detectedNot detected
SamplePreviously untreated sample obtained from initial surgerySample obtained at repeat resection after primary and salvage treatmentTherapy-resistant autopsy sample