Table 1.

Main IR bands of cell lines and tissue. The corresponding molecular vibration and assigned tissue constituents are stated according to ref. 29

Spectral positionMolecular vibrationTissue component
950–1200 cm−1 e.g.,MultipleDNA, RNA, carbohydrates, phospholipids
 970 cm−1ν (CC), ν (PO4)DNA, RNA, phospholipids
 1050 cm−1ν(CO), ν (PO4)symCarbohydrates, DNA, RNA
 1080 cm−1ν(PO2)symPhospholipids, DNA, RNA
 1120 cm−1ν(CO)Ribose, RNA
 1150 cm−1ν(CO)Carbohydrates
1230 cm−1ν(PO2)asymPhospholipids, DNA, RNA
1310 cm−1Amide IIIProteins
1340 cm−1δ(CH2)Proteins, lipids
1400 cm−1ν(COO2−)Lipids
1450 cm−1δ(CH3)Proteins, lipids
1550 cm−1Amide IIProteins
1650 cm−1Amide IProteins
1740 cm−1ν(C=O)Lipids
  • Abbreviations: δ, deformation; ν, stretching; asym, antisymmetric; sym, symmetric.