Table 3.

Overall response rates and duration of response in 13 patients with PCNS-PTLD treated with GCV, AZT, rituximab, and dexamethasone

IDTransplant-PTLDaLesion location histologyRadiologic responseTime to response (mo.)Response duration (mo.)Survival (cause of death)
1156bFR/O LyG IIICR579Alive
263T/P LyG IIICR371Alive
3156FR DLBCLCR267.5Alive
4252bFR DLBCLCR2141Deceased (sepsis)
522FR DLBCLCR639Deceased (pulmonary embolism)
672Multifocal LyG IIIPR118.5Deceased (pulmonary embolism)
7170P/pons DLBCLCR259Alive
838FR/P DLBCLCR19Deceased (sepsis, DIC)
9162Multifocal LyG IIIPDNANADeceased (sepsis)
1074Multifocal LyG IIIPR1.526.5Alive
11132Multifocal DLBCLCR226Alive
12169T DLBCLPR418.5Alive
13125Multifocal DLBCLCR220Alive
  • Abbreviations: CR, complete remission; DLBCL, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma; FR, frontal lobe; LyG III, lymphomatoid granulomatosis grade III; NA, not applicable; O, occipital lobe; P, parietal lobe; PR, partial response; PD, progressive disease; T, temporal lobe.

  • aInterval between transplant and PTLD diagnosis in months.

  • bThe interval for patients 1 and 4 is the interval from the original transplant to PTLD diagnosis.