Table 2.

Population pharmacokinetic parameters for total AZD1775, estimated from the base and final covariate models, data are expressed as estimates (%RSE)

ParameterBase modelCovariate model
Ka (h−1)2.00 (114)2.10 (111)
V/F (L)1,500 (16)1,500 (17)
CL/F (L/hour)160 (15)160a (14)
Ba1.7 (44)
IIV of Ka (CV%)100 (310)100 (300)
IIV of V/F (CV%)28 (70)26 (91)
IIV of CL/F (CV%)48 (23)40 (36)
  • Abbreviations: CL/F, apparent oral clearance; IIV, interindividual variability; Ka, first-order absorption rate constant; OFV, objective function value; RSE, relative standard error of estimation; V/F, apparent volume of distribution.

  • aCL/F = A + B × (GFR – 98), where A is the CL/F for a typical patient with glomerular filtration rate (GFR) of 98 mL/minute, and B represents the covariate effect of glomerular filtration rate.