Table 2.

Infections pre- and post-aDLI

PatientaDLI dose/dayCMV IgG (D/R)Bacterial infectionViral reactivationViral infFungal infViral reactivationViral infFungal inf
001Level 1, D+35−/−NoneNoneNoneNoneVZV skin D+76NoneNone
002Level 1, D+35±Stomatococcua blood D+1BK urine D-8NoneNoneEBV blood D+147,BK urine D+49,254,331, VZV skin D+260EBV D+147 VZV D+260None
003Level 1, D+35−/+E.Coli blood D-3 VRE blood D0HSV oral D+28 CMV blood D+33HSV D+28NoneNoneNoneNone
004Level 1, D+42+/+Enterobact. blood D-6 Proteus urine D+32BK urine D+5, CMV blood D+26, RSV NP D+26RSV D+26NoneEBV blood D+234NoneNone
005Level 2, D+42+/+NoneNoneNoneNoneRSV NP D+209RSV D+209None
010Level 2, D+34+/+Staph Epi blood D-8CMV blood D+20,30NoneNoneCMV blood D+74,84,96, HHV6 BM D+78NoneNone
012Level 2, D+35−/+C.Diff colitis D-2CMV blood D+20NoneNoneNoneNoneNone
013None givena−/+Stomatococcus + VRE blood D+11N/EN/EN/EN/EN/EN/E
025None givenb+/+Corynebacterium blood D+27HSV nasal D+24 CMV blood D+27HSV nasal D+24N/EN/EN/E
026Level 2, D+35−/+NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
027Level 2, D+42+/+NoneCMV blood D+16NoneAspergillus BAL D+13CMV blood ends D+73 then reactivates D+209CMV retinitis D+114 to D+176None
028cNone Given+/+Fusobact + α-hem strep blood D+11N/EN/EN/EN/EN/EN/E
030Level 2, D+42−/+Staph Epi blood D-1HSV oral D+35HSV oralNoneNoneNoneNone
033Level 2, D+35+/+NoneBK urine D+13NoneNoneBK blood D+53, EBV blood D+137. CMV blood D+179NoneNone
035Level 2, D+35+/+VRE blood D+3CMV blood D+23NoneNoneNoneNonePresumed fungal pneumonia D+62
015Level 3, D+36+/−α-Haem strep blood D+1, C.Diff colitis D+8NoneNoneNoneEBV blood D+124EBV D+124None
016Level 3, D+35+/+α-ham strep blood D+1BK urine D+13, CMV blood D+27NoneNoneCMV blood D+106, cleared after D+141NoneAspergillus pneumonia D+172
018Level 3, D+35−/−NoneAdeno blood, urine, stool D+18 BK urine D+25Adenov.NoneAdenovirus (cleared by D+73)NoneNone
023Level 3, D+35+/+VRE blood D+5CMV blood D+24NoneNoneBK blood D+76, Adenovirus urine, stool, sputum D+106NoneAspergillus in BAL D+96
  • NOTE: Level 1, 103 CD3 T cells/kg; level 2, 104 CD3 T cells/kg; level 3, 105 CD3 T cells/kg.

  • Abbreviations: BAL; bronchalveolar lavage; BKV, BK virus; C Diff, clostridium difficile; CMV, cytomegalovirus; D, donor; HSV, herpes simplex virus; R, recipient; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus; VRE, vancomycin-resistant enterococcus.

  • aDied D+32 of bacterial sepsis prior to infusion of aDLI.

  • bDonor not able to donate.

  • cNonengraftment followed by autologous reconstitution.