Table 3.

Treatment comparison by neurotoxicity status among patients treated on ALL protocols, 2012–2017

Mean (95% CI) treatment comparison by neurotoxicity
Neurotoxicity (n = 28)No neurotoxicity (n = 181)P
IV MTX dose, g/m210.23 (8.33–12.13)12.04 (11.37–12.71)0.084
Number IT MTX doses8.84 (8.36–9.33)11.09 (10.92–11.26)<0.01
Time to maintenance, days296.9 (284.8–311.9)290.0 (284.8–295.3)0.408
  • NOTE: Model adjusted for treatment risk arm, age at diagnosis, BMI Z-score at diagnosis, and sex.

  • Abbreviations: IT, intrathecal; IV, intravenous; MTX, methotrexate.