Table 1.

Somatic mutated neoantigens recognized by ovarian cancer TIL

Peptide:HLA predicted
PtFrTu## mutMutated gene (location)Protein (AA sub.)Neoepitope (mutation)HLARankAffinity [nmol/L]
14046280USP9X (X:41075846 c.6026A>G)USP9X (Y2009C)RMQYSMECFB*15:01:010.231.1
RMQYSMECFQFMKKLDPA1*01:03:01 DPB1*04:02:010.916.4
44097317HIST1H1B (6:27835096 c.212C>A)Histone H1.5 (A71D)LADGGYDVEKNNSRIDQA1*03:01:01 DQB1*04:02:01658,884.3
INPP5K (17:1401379 c.526C>G)INPP5K (L272V)RIVWRLKRQPCAGPDClass–II
54098333RPTOR (17:78858926 c.1961A>G)RAPTOR (D654G)HNVAMMLAQLVSGGSDPA1*01:03:01 DPB1*10:01:0120115.6
4173138DPA1*02:01:01 DPB1*10:01:0117113.1
64127176TP53 (17:7577548 c.733G>A)p53 (G245S)HYNYMCNSSCMGSMNDRB3*02:02:0121533.4
7414964CTAGE5 (14:39796122 c.1613A>T)CTAGE5 (E576V)NERGVSSCDRLTDPHDQA1*01:03:01 DQB1*06:03:01954,640.6
HUWE1 (X:53560337 c.13058T>C)HUWE1 (F4353S)SEKLRHMLLB*40:02:010.8199.5
TP53 (17:7578190 c.659A>G)p53 (Y220C)NTFRHSVVVPCEPPEDRB3*02:02:0117433.8
  • NOTE: Patient (Pt) TILs from fresh tumor (FrTu) resections were screened against putative mutated neoantigens (mut) in 25 amino acid peptides or tandem minigenes (TMGs). The gene name, genetic mutation, protein name, and amino acid substitution (AA sub.) are shown for each mutated neoantigen recognized by TILs. A minimal epitope is shown with the mutated amino acid in bold underline followed by the matching HLA restriction element. The predicted peptide:HLA complex rank and affinity (nmol/L) were determined by NetMHCpan 3.0 for Class–I ( and NetMHCIIpan 3.1 for Class–II (