Table 2.

Summary of univariate statistical analyses evaluating the association of CHD1 loss or SPOP mutation with response to LHRHa and abiraterone

Univariate HR95% CIP
Overall survival from diagnosis
 Metastatic at diagnosis2.071.32–3.240.002
 SPOP mutation at CRPC0.800.46–1.380.43
 CHD1 negative IHC at CRPC0.810.42–1.580.54
 ERG at CRPC1.140.72–1.780.58
Time on abirateroneUnivariate HR95% CIP
 Metastatic at diagnosis1.000.63–1.600.99
 SPOP mutation at CRPC0.370.20–0.690.002
 CHD1 negative IHC at CRPC0.500.25–1.020.06
 ERG at CRPC1.250.77–2.020.37
Time from start LHRH to CRPCUnivariate HR95% CIP
 Metastatic at diagnosis2.111.36–3.280.001
 SPOP mutation at CRPC1.130.68–1.870.64
 CHD1 negative IHC at CRPC0.860.44–1.690.66
 ERG at CRPC1.160.75–1.790.52
Response to abirateroneUnivariate OR95% CIP
 Metastatic at diagnosis0.720.29–1.800.49
 SPOP mutation at CRPC14.502.92–71.940.001
 CHD1 negative IHC at CRPC7.300.82–65.110.08
 ERG at CRPC0.710.28–1.820.47