Table 2.

Tumor-infiltrating T-cell densities as continuous variables in multivariable Cox proportional hazards models for OS by MMR status in stage III colon cancer patients treated with FOLFOX-based adjuvant therapy

MMR-deficient tumorsMMR-proficient tumors
VariableHR (95% CI)PHR (95% CI)P
Four models of individual immune markersa
CD3+ at invasive marginb1.14 (1.02–1.27)0.01511.20 (1.03–1.41)0.0153
CD3+ at central tumorb1.12 (1.00–1.28)0.04171.06 (0.91–1.25)0.4255
CD8+ at invasive marginb1.11 (1.00–1.23)0.04841.12 (0.93–1.35)0.2279
CD8+ at central tumorb1.11 (0.99–1.27)0.06441.07 (0.83–1.39)0.5828
Backward selection of immune markersa
All immune markers eliminated except CD3+ at invasive marginNot indicated because only one immune variable (CD3+ at invasive margin) was associated with OS at prespecified P <0.10
  • aIn addition to one immune marker, all models included T stage (T3-4 vs. T1-2), N stage (N2 vs. N1), grade (high vs. low), tumor side (left vs. right), smoking (ever vs. never), BRAF/KRAS mutation (BRAF-mutated vs. KRAS-mutated vs. both wild-type), and age per 5-year increase.

  • bHRs represent 10 U decrease in immune density.

  • Abbreviations: HR, hazard ratio; MMR, mismatch repair.