Table 3.

Dichotomized CD3+ at invasive margin relative to clinicopathologic variables in multivariable Cox proportional hazards models for OS by MMR status in stage III colon cancer patients treated with FOLFOX-based adjuvant therapya

MMR-deficient tumorsMMR-proficient tumors
VariableHR (95% CI)PHR (95% CI)P
CD3+ at invasive margin (low vs. high)4.76 (1.43–15.87)0.00193.39 (1.16–9.90)0.0103
T stage
 T3 vs. T1-2b0.00861.29 (0.38–4.37)0.0994
 T4 vs. T1-22.72 (0.73–10.13)
N stage
 N2 vs. N14.52 (2.49–8.19)<0.00013.68 (1.98–6.84)<0.0001
Histologic grade (high vs. low)0.77 (0.42–1.43)0.37511.64 (0.90–2.98)0.1130
Tumor side (left vs. right)1.13 (0.51–2.51)0.76580.70 (0.36–1.37)0.2980
Mutation status
KRAS-mutated vs. both wild-type0.77 (0.28–2.14)0.73051.75 (0.93–3.29)0.0828
BRAF-mutated vs. both wild-type1.17 (0.58–2.36)2.68 (1.03–6.98)
Smoking (ever vs. never)0.77 (0.42–1.43)0.40310.88 (0.49–1.57)0.6620
Age (per 5-year increase)1.12 (0.98–1.28)0.09801.25 (1.09–1.43)0.0010
  • aCD3+ at invasive margin was dichotomized at an optimized cutoff point value. HRs are adjusted for all variables shown.

  • bPrecise HR could not be estimated because there were no events in the T1-2 subgroup.

  • Abbreviations: HR, hazard ratio; MMR, mismatch repair.