Table 2.

Correlations between immunochemical reclassification and clinicopathological and molecular characteristics

Reclassification by IHC
No. of casesOCCCLikely HGSOCP value
Clinicopathologic information
 Residual tumor (cm)
 Morphologic type
  Absent or heterogeneous loss32320
 MMR genes
Mutational status
  Wild type29209<0.001
  Wild type423390.023
  Wild type49490<0.001
  Wild type554690.588
  Wild type554781.000
  • NOTE: P values were calculated by Fisher exact test. Cases with uninterpretable results were excluded in each calculation. MMR genes include MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, and PMS2.

  • aProteins included in immunohistochemical algorithm for subtype determination.