Table 3.

Response assessments after the first two cycles of induction therapy and at the end-of-induction therapy

Assessment timeCRVGPRPRSDPDMR/NRNEResponse rate (95% CI)a
After two cycles
 NB2012 (n = 43)162510001c76% (60.5–87.9)
 ANBL02P1 (n = 31)b2190117140% (22.7–59.4)
End of induction
 NB2012 (n = 43)1515102001d95% (83.8–99.4)
 ANBL02P1 (n = 31)b7811013187% (69.3–96.2)
  • Abbreviations: CR, complete response; MR/NR, mixed response/no response; NE, not evaluable or not evaluated; PD, progressive disease; SD, stable disease; VGPR, very good partial response.

  • aExact confidence intervals are reported.

  • bPark and colleagues (12).

  • cOne patient had complete resection before start of therapy and was not evaluated after the first two courses.

  • dPatient withdrew after course 4 of therapy.