Table 1.

Summary of ongoing clinical trials evaluating Probody therapeutics.

Compound nameTargetStudy/NCT number (sponsor)Trial phasePatient population(s)Target NEstimated completion date
CX-072Programmed death ligand-1PROCLAIM-CX-0721/2Advanced or recurrent solid tumors or lymphoma300December 2021
NCT03013491 (CytomX)
CX-2009CD166PROCLAIM-CX-20091/2Metastatic or locally advanced unresectable solid tumors (breast, NSCLC, prostate, ovarian, endometrial, head and neck, cholangiocarcinoma)150December 2021
NCT03149549 (CytomX)
BMS-986249CTL–associated protein-4CA030-0011/2Advanced solid tumors375October 2022 (primary)
NCT03369223 (Bristol–Myers Squibb)
CX-2029CD71PROCLAIM-CX-20291/2Metastatic or locally advanced unresectable solid tumors (head and neck, non-small cell lung cancer, pancreatic) or diffuse large B-cell lymphoma150December 2022
NCT03543813 (CytomX)
CX-072Programmed death ligand-1PROCLAIM-CX-072-002NCT03993379 (CytomX)2Previously untreated solid tumors, relapsed solid tumors following checkpoint inhibitor therapy, solid tumors with progression during or after platinum therapy, or in neoadjuvant setting160January 2023