Table 4.

Categorical DS risk group classification within select clinicopathologic risk assessment categories in evaluable patients with negative surgical margins.

Low risk groupElevated risk group
(DS ≤ 3)(DS > 3)
Clinicopathologic factor(s)%N%N
 Grade 1, 2 (low, intermediate; “lower risk”)50%12450%126
 Grade 3 (high)36%6664%116
Grade and size
 Grade 1 or 2 and size < 1 cm (“lower risk”)59%6741%46
 Grade 3 or size ≥ 1 cm34%8366%161
Family history
 No (“lower risk”)49%11151%117
 Absent (“lower risk”)49%5851%61
RTOG 9804 – like criteria
 “Good” risk (“lower risk”)51%7149%69
 Not “good” risk36%8164%143
  • Note: Patients were classified by DS risk groups within individual or combinations of clinicopathologic factors that have been associated with subsequent breast event risk. RTOG 9804-like criteria were nonpalpable, screening detected, extent < 2.5 cm, grade 1 or 2, and negative surgical margins (where negative margin status was defined as no tumor cells identified at the inked resection margin). Patient percentages and counts are indicated.

  • Abbreviations: DS, Decision score; Grade, nuclear grade; RTOG, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group.