Table 2.

DCISionRT continuous DS and categorical DS in relation to total and invasive breast event risk adjusted for radiotherapy.

Treatment group/risk signatureNo. subjects/recurrencesHR (95% CI)*No. subjects/recurrencesHR (95% CI)*
All evaluable patients with and without radiotherapy
DS per 5 units455/531.76 (1.16–2.70)*455/331.76 (1.05–3.18)*
Low risk group ≤ 3190/16Reference190/10Reference
Elevated risk group > 3265/372.03 (1.12–3.70)*265/232.14 (1.00–4.59)*
  • Note: Multivariable Cox proportional hazards analyses were completed for the full study period (up to 25 years of follow-up). DS was analyzed with radiotherapy as a covariate (*) shown in all evaluable subjects ± radiotherapy for continuous DS and DS risk groups. The number of events within 10 years was 38 for TotBE and 21 for InvBE.

  • Abbreviations: DS, Decision score; InvBE, invasive breast events; TotBE, total breast events.