Table 6.

Total ribociclib concentrations in plasma, CSF, and tumor tissue samples at time of surgery.

Age (years)
PatientBSA (m2)Anatomic location and sample weightPlasma (μmol/L)CSF (μmol/L)Tumor (nmol/g)Tumor-to-plasma ratioa
P18.8Spinal cord0.1290.00960.6785.26
1.112.5 mg
P217Left front parietal0.3074.4914.6
1.6358.2 mg
P310.8Right sylvian fissure 71.1 mg1.0210.1392.272.22
P47.3Right front temporal 85.7 mg0.0900.01084.8153.4
P512.1Frontal 91.8 mg0.1390.05963.2423.3
  • aThe total tumor-to-plasma ratio was calculated as the ratio of total ribociclib concentration in tumor to that in plasma, assuming a brain tumor tissue density of approximately 1.00, such that 1 nmol/g = 1 μmol/L.