Table 1.

Patient characteristics in the three liquid biopsy datasets.

Liquid biopsy datasets and metastatic tissue biopsy dataset used as comparison (unmatched)
Liquid biopsiesTissue biopsies
FMI routine clinical cohortTRITON2 screening cohortTRITON3 screening cohortTotalMetastatic tissue biopsies
Cohort characteristicsProstate cancer plasma samples submitted for CGP during routine clinical caremCRPC, progressed on 1–2 next-generation ARSi and taxane-based chemotherapymCRPC, progressed on 1 next-generation ARSiProstate cancer tissue samples submitted for CGP during routine clinical care
Patients, N1,6608568183,3342,006
Profiled with FACT, nProfiled with F1L, n943717106750727461,1212,213
Median patient age, years (range)a71 (38–≥89b)72 (46–95)73 (43–97)72 (38–97)69 (39–≥89a)
Median ctDNA fraction, % (IQR)7.7 (0.6–35.7)18.1 (1.5–38.1)3.4 (0.8–23.3)7.5 (0.8–33.7)
Percentage of samples with no ctDNA detected in sample8.6% (142/1,660)2.7% (23/856)4.9% (40/818)6.1% (205/3,334)
Percentage of samples with ctDNA fraction of ≥20%39% (648/1,660)47% (401/856)28% (233/818)38% (1,282/3,334)
1 or more oncogenic/deleterious GAs detected in samplec85.6% (614/717)90.3% (677/750)80.0% (597/746)85.3% (1,888/2,213)99.2%d (1,991/2,006)
89.6%e (1,797/2,006)
MSI-H detectedc1.12% (8/717)2.00% (15/750)1.07% (8/746)1.40% (31/2,213)2.74% (55/2,006)
Site of metastatic biopsyN/AN/AN/AN/A
Other visceral sites29.0%
Subset of patients with available matched tissue
Patients with matched tissue, N223337277837
Profiled with FACT, nProfiled with F1L, n155685228527250234603
Patients with matched tissue collected within 30 days of liquid biopsy, N365328117
Profiled with FACT, nProfiled with F1L, n261010432263879
Median Δ between liquid and tissue collection, months (IQR)11 (0.1–44)31 (5–74)30 (12–70)25 (3–61)
  • Abbreviations: FACT, FoundationACT; F1L, FoundationOne Liquid.

  • aA total of 28 samples had no available age information: one from routine clinical cohort, 15 TRITON2, and 12 TRITON3 screening samples.

  • bFMI routine clinical datasets do not include specific patient age above 89.

  • cOnly samples analyzed with F1L (70-gene panel) used for this comparison.

  • dOncogenic/deleterious GAs in all genes baited in tissue biopsy panel considered.

  • eOncogenic/deleterious GAs only in genes baited in 70-gene liquid panel considered.