Table 1.

UPD and affected genes in various cancers

UPDDiseaseFrequency of UPDAffected geneAbnormality
1pMDS/MPN, MPN8.9% (MDS/MPN), 16.7% (RARST), 4.7% (MPN)MPLmutation
2pColorectal cancer11.1% (cell line), 52% (HNPCC)MSH2mutation deletion
2qMCL10–16.7% (cell line)MAP2deletion
3pColorectal cancer22.2% (cell line), 4% (HNPCC)MLH1mutation
Colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer73.9% (esophageal cancer), 1.1% (CC)FHITdeletion
4qMDS, MPN, MDS/MPN, AML8.8% (MDS/MPN), 3.9–8.7% (MDS)TET2mutation
5qColorectal cancer28.6–44.4% (cell line)APCmutation
6pLoss of graft versus leukemia effect29.4% (leukemia relapse after haploidentical transplantation)HLA-A, -B, -Closs of mismatch
6qB-cell lymphomas8% (FL), 3.1% (DLBCL), 10.3% (MALT)A20mutation deletion
7qMDS, MDS/MPN, AML6% (MDS/MPN)EZH2mutation
9pAML2.6–3.1% (AML with normal karyotype), 5% (AML)JAK2mutation
MPN, MDS/MPN11% (MDS/MPD), 25–43% (MPD), 41–80% (PV), 5.9–17% (ET), 43.8–67% (PMF)mutation
AML2.6% (AML with normal karyotype)CDKN2Adeletion
ALL7.1–29% (pediatric ALL)deletion
Follicular lymphoma33% (cell line)deletion
MCL60% (cell line), 7.1% (primary sample)deletion
Esophageal carcinoma26.1% (primary sample)deletion
Ovarian cancer7.5% (primary sample)deletion
Glioblastoma3.3% (primary sample)deletion
Neuloblastoma4.3% (primary sample)deletion
CNS lymphoma21.1% (primary sample)CDKN2Amethylation deletion
Colorectal cancer55.6% (cell line)methylation
9qBCC35.7% (primary sample)PTCHmutation
11pAML3.2–4.5% (AML primary sample), 6.4% (APL)WT1mutation
AML4.7% (primary sample)H19methylation
Hepatoblastoma23.5% (primary sample)IGF2, H19methylation
Rhabdomyosarcoma33.3% (primary sample)HRASmutation
Wilms' tumor2.5–5.6% (primary sample)CDKN1C, IGF2, H19methylation
Wilms' tumor36% (primary sample)WT1mutation
Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome7.2–16.8% (primary sample)CDKN1C, IGF2, H19methylation
11qMDS/MPN4.9% (primary sample)CBLmutation
13qAML2.3–5.4% (primary sample)FLT3mutation
CLL3.6% (primary sample)miR-15a, miR-16–1deletion
MCL10% (MCL cell line)RB1deletion
Breast cancer6% (primary sample)deletion
Ovarian cancer23.8% (primary sample)deletion
Retinoblastoma59.5% (primary sample)mutation
Ovarian cancer15% (primary sample)BRCA2mutation
17pMDS, CLL1.8% (MDS), 6.1% (CLL)P53mutation
Follicular lymphoma19.2% (transformed case)mutation
MCL3.8–10.7% (MCL), 10% (cell line)mutation
Colorectal cancer57.1% (cell line)mutation
Breast cancer6% (primary sample)mutation
Glioblastoma3.3% (primary sample)mutation
17qJMML25–80% (primary sample)NF1mutation
Ovarian cancer40% (primary sample)BRCA1mutation
19qAML0.6–1.6% (primary sample)CEBPAmutation
21qAML2.6% (AML with normal karyotype)RUNX1mutation