Table 2.

HI antibody response

Seroprotection rate prevaccinationHealthy controlsNontreated mRCC controlsSunitinib-treated patientsSorafenib-treated patientsPa
n = 11n = 7n = 16n = 6
 Protected (all 3 viruses)191142132330.580
Seroprotection rate postvaccination
 Protected (all 3 viruses)65534212753500.604
Seroresponse rate postvaccination

Note: HI antibody response upon vaccination. Values at baseline (before vaccination) and on day 22 after vaccination. Seroprotection was defined as an antibody titer of 40 or more. Subjects were considered fully protected if they had protective titers to all 3 viral strains, partially protected when having protected titers only to 1 or 2 virus types, and nonprotected when titers were less than 40. Postvaccination seroresponses were defined as a significant (≥ 4-fold) increase in titer. The results were compared between the groups with the χ2 test (a).