Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of the study groups at baseline, prior to vaccination

CharacteristicHealthy controls (n = 11)Nontreated mRCC controls (n = 7)Sunitinib-treated patients (n = 16)Sorafenib-treated patients (n = 6)P
Age, y
 Mean655959640.214b 0.233c
Performance status
 Not applicable11100
Prior immunotherapy
Mean leukocyte count (×109/l) 0.042c
Mean absolute neutrophil count (×109/l) 0.0196c
Mean absolute monocyte count (×109/l)
Mean absolute lymphocyte count (×109/l)
Mean LDH (U/L)3985254610.1124b 0.164c
Influenza vaccination prior to 2008 (%)

Abbreviation: LDH, lactate dehydrogenase.

  • aχ2 test.

  • bANOVA.

  • cKruskall Wallis.

  • dOnly tested between the patients groups.