Table 1.

Characterization of the CP series including results of EGFR and β-catenin screening

SampleGenderAgeMutational analysis (exon 3 of the β-catenin gene)EGFR expression (cDNA)EGFR-P stainingEGFR amplificationMutation analyses
Intron 17/18 rs 17290135Exon 20 rs 10251977Exon 23 rs 1140475Exon 25 rs 2293347
 CP1 m 3GAC32CAC pos.pos.neg.+ wt
 CP2 m 45wt pos.pos.neg.+ wt
 CP3 m 51GGA34CGA pos.pos.neg.+ wt
 CP4 m 56TCT33TTT pos.pos.neg.+ wt
 CP5 m 3TCT33TGT TCT37TGT pos.pos.neg. wt
 CP6 m 8wt pos.pos.neg. wt
 CP7 w 9TCT33TGT ACC41AGC pos.pos.neg. wt
 CP8 m 8TCT33TGT  pospos.neg.+ wt
 CP9 w 35wt pos.pos.neg.++ wt
 CP10 m 15ACC41ATC pos.pos.neg.+ wt
 CP11 w 64TCT33TTT pos.pos.neg.+ wt
 CP12 m 13wt pos.pos.neg. wt
 CP13 w 4TCT37TTT pos.pos.neg. wt
 CP14 m 49wt pos.pos.neg.+ wt
 CP15 w 52GGA34AGA pos.pos.neg. wt
 CP16 w 47ACC41ATC pos.pos.neg. wt
 CP17 m 66ACC41ATC pos.pos.neg. wt
 CP18 w 11ACC41ATC pos.pos.neg. wt
 CP19 m 6GGA34CGA pos.pos.neg. wt
 CP20 m 50ATC35AGC pos.pos.neg.+ wt
 CP21  m32GAC32GTCpos.pos.neg. wt
 CP22  w61TCT45CCTpos.pos.neg. wt
 CP23  m47TCT37TTTpos.pos.neg.+ wt
 CP24  w6wtpos.pos.neg. wt
 CP25  m42TCT33TGTpos.pos.neg. wt

NOTE: Patients' information corresponding to each sample is listed. EGFR expression (pos.) and occurrence of activated EGFR (EGFR-P staining) were detected in all samples. Mutation analysis revealed known SNPs with a reference cluster ID (rs). Base substitutions are GAG(Glu) intron AAG(Leu) in exon 17/18; CAG(Gln)787CAA(Gln) in exon 20; ACC(Thr)903ACT(Thr) in exon 23; and GAC(Asp)994GAT(Asp) in exon 25. The EGFRvIII variant was absent. Primary cell cultures were generated from samples shown in bold.

Abbreviations: m, male; f, female; neg., no EGFR amplification detectable.